Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"When I book series ends it's almost like the world ends for me."

My name is Lilli.
I'm a not-so average teen living in a small town that has more hobbies then one can count.
Book reading being one of them.
I've read many, many books in my lifetime and get attached to every character in every book.
So needless to say, When I book series ends it's almost like the world ends for me.
For a second...
Or two.
Then I move on to the next series, the next book, the next group of characters.
And repeat.
Here, Along with Mariah (one of my closest online friends) I will be posting book reviews.
So let the reviews begin!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Island of the Blue Dolphins review

 The Island of the Blue Dolphins is written by Scott O'Dell and is one of my favorites books i ever ever read! And i have read A LOT of books!
After the attack of the Aleuts, Karana's father, The Chief of Ghalas-at lay dead along with many other warriors who fought for their life. 
After that the people of Ghalas-at watched the sea in fear that the Aleuts would return. 
One day someone came back with news that a ship was approaching the Island, The people began to worry that the Aleuts HAD returned. 
But when the new Chief comes with news that the ship that had come was there to take them to a safer place the people began to get excited and packed their things as fast as they could and boarded the ship.But when they get on the water a bad storm comes up and Karana realizes that her brother was left on the shore ALONE so she jumps out of the boat and swims back to shore in the storm. 
Later her brother goes out to find things to help them survive but when he doesn't come back for a long time Karana goes out and finds him dead with a pack of wild dogs surounding him, She fights off the dogs and carries her brother pack to camp, Now alone she waits for years for the ship to return, But when it doesn't she must learn to survive on her own. 

I love this book because it shows that even if your alone on an Island you can still make friends and survive, Personally i would LOVE to have to survive on my own on and Island for a while ( Not for to long i would miss my friends and family to much! ) But i think i would learn more on an Island then i would here!! 

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